A story about immigration

mardi 12 juin 2007
par  Marie-Line Bouhatous

My host told me the story of her great grandfather who immigrated with his family when he was six years old. They left Hungary in 1906 because there wasn’t enough food for the whole people in their country. Like many people at that time they believed in the American dream and went to the United States in order to have a better life,. To get to the boat which would take them across the sea, they had to travel by train first train. As it was a recent invention the boy had never seen one before, he was very excited and kept his head out of the window during the whole trip so that the smoke from the train got in his eyes. Then, they arrived on Ellis Island where the immigrants were checked for sanitary reasons. Unfortunately, because of the smoke the boy’s eyes were irritated and he was considered ill. So he was refused and a few days later he had to go back to Hungary all alone. He lived there with some relatives for some years and, after earning enough money he returned to the United States to try again and this time he was accepted.









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