mardi 12 juin 2007
par  Marie-Line Bouhatous

American students haven’t the same opinion about hobbies than us. They pay more attention to activities like sports or artistic activities. Being good at school is as important as winning a sport season because both help growing up properly.
School days in the USA finish at the beginning of the afternoon, that’s why they can spend more time practising sports or having fun. Further more, activities are more accessible because clubs are part of high schools so pupils don’t have to look for it by themselves (even if some rare clubs are included in french schools too). Young people are more involved in what they do : they have dreams and they do everything to achieve them . Free time can be used to paint, to draw, to play music too.

There are much more young music bands in the USA than in France. And parents often back their children when they want begin an activity so it’s easier for them to have access to equipments for example.
Like in France they go shopping , to the cinema, they play video games, freezbe…

The great difference is the different sports they play like baseball,

lacrosse, American football.

They have parties but without alcohol because it’s illegal









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